Beeswax Crayons
Amazingly smooth and creamy, these highly pigmented crayons are petroleum free. They are made of all natural and renewable waxes and pure beeswax and pigments from a combination of plants and vegetables. They are a round, jumbo shape and sturdy for small hands. Made in Germany, certified non-toxic and conforms to European standards: EN71. Set of 12 come packaged in a reusable drawstring cotton pouch. Ages: 3+ OkoNorm Nawaro products are non-toxic and are exclusively made by renewable raw materials. The name 'Nawaro' is derived from the German translation of "Renewable Raw Materials" ("nachwachsenden Rohstoffe"). These products don't pollute our environment or our resources. The components of Nawaro-products are compostable or recyclable. Nawaro products are economical in use and have simple packaging. A careful selection of raw materials and Okonorm's commitment to the quality of their products, including a voluntary control, guarantee healthy and ecologically sound products.

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