Natural Blends Paint
These natural blends are water-soluble pigments - simply add water to the dry powder and mix to create safe, non-toxic, biodegradable paint! Each pigment is botanically crafted from natural colors found in vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, roots and spices. Kids will learn that basil makes green and pomegranate makes reddish orange and you can be assured there are no petrochemicals, VOCs or other toxins. The vegan formulas use cosmetic and food grade ingredients - all natural, gluten free and soy free. Set includes 6 vibrant colors: Lemon Verbena, Tangerine, Berry Blue, Basil Green, Pomegranate, and Plum Purple. Made in USA. Ages: 3+

The paints do not contain any preservatives. For best results, mix per project. Left over paint should be refrigerated.

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