• We just received our online order yesterday and wanted to let you know how much we've been enjoying our new art supplies. The Color 'n Kids cards especially have been a big hit with my four-year old. It's so much fun to see him coloring and writing and enjoying himself with just a little help from your cards. We'll be looking forward to ordering again from you soon! Many thanks! (Claudia)
  • The party was fabulous! Thanks so much for all the extras in the box, that was super sweet and appreciated. The kids had a grand time! Your site is on my favorites list and I will be ordering from you again and again in the future great green products plus wonderful customer service is hard to come by these days. Thank you again for everything! (Alexis)
  • I have to say that we just LOVE everything we received! My first grader actually came home and told us how her smencils had gotten her "in trouble" during math class. The child sitting next to her kept announcing to the teacher that someone was chewing gum. My DD started passing her smencils around so that everyone could smell them. The teacher even liked them so much that she sent a note home asking where I had purchased them! I wish that I had ordered more to give as gifts--they would be perfect in a goodie bag!! (Kathryn)
  • Wow... So adorable and creative. We just love them all! Again, thanks so, so much. You're off to an awesome start with Stubby Pencil! (Valery)
  • Thanks so much! They are just perfect for Christmas cards and thank you notes for the Christmas presents. Your company is great for pre-schoolers. (Jocelyn)
  • I love this product and my daughter was thrilled. What a great idea! (Bina)
  • These cards are win-win-win! I wanted to get the kids personally involved in sending our "thank yous" and other greetings. These are such an easy and adorable way to do that. My kids absolutely love them. And, let's just say, the recipients are just thrilled. (Lynne)
  • I love the personalized notecards as gifts! My children's teachers all have very young children of their own, and they loved getting these fun notecards to use while teaching their kids to write! (Allison)
  • My kids took great pride in sending these cards to their grandparents to thank them for Christmas gifts! And, of course, the grandmas were delighted with some more artwork to hang up! (Jennifer)
  • It is hard to find affordable, fun notecards for young children to use and these fit the bill perfectly. Thank you! (Lydia)
  • My girls love to practice writing in the cards. They happily write thank you cards now. The grandparents love getting them in the mail. (Liz)
  • I like that it is a unique card that allows kids to customize it and express themselves. It's a modern, cute version of the handmade card. Family, especially grandparents, loves to get the cards so they can see the artistic abilities of the kids. They can see how the child's art changes over time. (Kristin)

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