Sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids without sugar

January 17th, 2015



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as a mom, I am always on the lookout for cute gifts to give kids for Valentine’s Day that are not overloaded with sugar. Here are a few “sweet” ideas that kids will love and you’ll feel good about giving:


Crayon Rocks Valentine Box

Crayon Rocks are made from natural waxes and tinted with non-toxic mineral powders. They make vibrant colors and beautiful textures and the pebble shape crayons are easy to hold and encourage the use of tripod grip to develop fine motor skills. They are specially shaped to allow small fingers to color in large, wide strokes, promoting confidence in creating art. Used by occupational therapists and teachers to develop skills that promote handwriting practice. The Valentine set includes 19 Crayon Rocks and comes adorably packaged and ready to give.



Valentine Smencils

Valentine Smencils – a super cool set of 5 limited edition gourmet scented pencils made from recycled newspaper to give (or keep) for Valentine’s Day. The new, sweet scents are sure to be a favorite. Share them with the ones you love. Each smencil is stored in its own freshness tube, made from biodegradable corn plastic, and includes an adorable character topper. Perfect for adults and kids alike.


Love Notes – Valentine’s Day Cards for kids to color

Trying to avoid the overload of commercial characters? You can wish a happy and “green” Valentine’s Day to friends and family with this set of 12 eco-friendly love notes. Our flat Valentine cards are made in USA from 100% recycled paper and finished with round corners. They measure 4.25″ x 5.5″ and include 12 color envelopes tied together with a ribbon. Color them with Soy Crayons and show your Valentine that you not only love them, but the Earth as well.

Stubby Pencil Studio TOP TEN stocking stuffers for the season!

December 16th, 2014

blog-stocking-stuffersIt’s the countdown to Christmas! Over the next few days, anyone wanting Stubby Pencil Studio stocking stuffers, gifts, art supplies need to get their orders in soon! We have created our top ten list of stocking stuffers for the holidays.


Fifty Optical Illusion Cards – Kids love optical illusions and this set of cards contains 50 of the most amazing optical illusions ever created. View the illusion and then turn over the card to discover the secret… each card has a mind-boggling illusion on one side and an explanation of how it works on the other. $9.99 each. Order Here!

Mushroom Whistles: These adorable mushroom whistles are so much fun! The wooden whistles are shaped in the form of mushrooms and finished with bright, colorful tops and a hanging string. The compact size is perfect for pockets. They make sweet party favors and stocking stuffers. $3.95 each. Order Here!

Soy Crayons: Unlike traditional petroleum-based crayons, these earth-friendly crayons are made from a unique soybean oil formulation, made from 100% renewable resources, and do not include paraffin wax. $1.99 each (16 crayons) – Order Here!

100 Things in the Night Sky: This deck of cards will help kids to spot 100 things in the night sky. Discover the treasures of the night and learn to recognize its sparkling constellations with these fact-filled cards. Curious kids will learn fascinating information about planets, meteors, and other starry sights. $9.99 each – Order Here!

Holiday Smencils: A unique stocking stuffer – limited edition gourmet scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers – in yummy scents. Each Holiday Smencil comes packaged in its own (recyclable) Freshness Tube. Perfect for adults and kids alike. $7.95 for a pack – Order Here!

Crayon Rocks: Made from natural waxes and tinted with non-toxic mineral powders, Crayon Rocks make vibrant colors and beautiful textures. The pebble shape crayons are easy to hold and encourage the use of tripod grip to develop fine motor skills. They are specially shaped to allow small fingers to color in large, wide strokes, promoting confidence in creating art. $8.99 each – Order Here!

Erasers: Japanese erasers are adorable with their tiny size, precise detailing and sweet design. These little penguins are assembled with separate color parts making them a puzzle that can be taken apart and put back together. Kids love to collect and trade them. – Order Here!blog-2

Candy Cane Pens: Ahhhh…we love candy canes and we adore this Candy Cane Scented Pen. It comes ready for gifting in a terrific little tube with a twist-on cap. Perfect for kids, teachers, the office… everyone on your list! $3.95 each – Order Here!

Slide Whistle: Kids love these fun, colorful slide whistles to make bird whistles and fun “cartoon” sounds. The tight piston mechanism assures a smooth transition from low to high whistle notes. $4.99 each – Order Here!

Thank you Cards: Our last stocking stuffer idea gives a great life lesson as well.. being thankful for what you receive. Six fun designs in a variety pack of “thank you” notes to color (blank inside). All cards are printed on 100% PCW recycled stock and come with 6 colored envelopes: red, orange, yellow, lime green, green and blue. $6.99 – Order Here!

The Jolly Old Elf is on his way, and we are happy to help him with some great ideas… be sure to click the links above for any items, and get your order in by Thursday, December 18 for optimal delivery before Christmas!

Check out the all-new Stubby Pencil Studio website!

December 16th, 2014

new-webOur ALL-NEW and updated website is up and running, just in time for the holidays! We have made shopping Stubby Pencil Studio so much easier, with better layout, graphics, shopping cart and even made our site mobile friendly. We realized several months ago, that more and more people were shopping our site via mobile devices and tablets, and we needed to make a change! More than 40% of our shoppers visit our site via mobile, and now it’s much easier to navigate!

Right on our home page you can see our new products and best sellers. This has always been a top question for our returning customers – “What’s new!” Now you don’t have to search each page and try to figure out new items. Just check the home page! Additionally, you see our most popular items based on sales and popularity.

We’ve also added some new sections, and one area I’m very excited to share is our FREE COLORING PAGES. Now your kids can enjoy seasonal coloring pages anytime, and you can print them as often as you like! We will be adding new pages often, so come back and see what is new.

One other area to always check (from your phone if you like), is our clearance area, we’ve revamped this area for easy sale of our products about to be replaced with new items. As we come to the end of 2014, and get ready for 2015, we will be changing out products and great deals can be had!

Thank you for being a Stubby Pencil Studio customer, we do listen, and make changes based on your needs – also if you come across any issues or problems with the new site, please let me know – Kate


Great gifts for creative kids

November 23rd, 2014

gift ideas for kids

Looking for gifts that will inspire creativity?

We know it’s a challenge to find unique holiday gifts, so we have stocked up on amazing ideas that kids will love and you’ll feel good about giving.

Browse new arrivals to see our latest inventory and check our selection of gifts under $10 for affordable ideas for kids of all ages.

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It’s November!

November 1st, 2014

Sage created this adorable turkey using Spirograph

spirograph_design_kitWe love Spirograph! This classic toy offers unlimited creative potential and we find kids will spend hours making amazing designs. The original Spirograph design set features the iconic wheels and rings, pens, paper and more in a compact tin that is perfect for home and travel. The set also comes with a 24 page design pad and a full color design guide, which explains the fundamentals of drawing with Spirograph as well as step-by-step instructions for creating your own designs. These make wonderful gifts for kids ages 8+. In stock now (along with other great gifts for creative kids) from Stubby Pencil Studio.



Drawing pencils or regular pencils – you decide at Stubby Pencil Studio

October 26th, 2014

When you tossed your newspaper into the recycle bin, did you ever imagine them being made into… pencils? It’s true! Stubby Pencil Studio has a line of pencils that are scented and called Smencils! And let us tell you what… Kids LOVE Smencils! These gourmet scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers. Yes, they really are pencils made from rolled sheets of newspaper instead of wood and are available in yummy scents like bubble gum, gingerbread, grape… You can even see the layers of newspaper as you sharpen them and they sharpen the same as all other wood pencils. Available in graphite (#2) pencils or color pencils.

Plus for mom and dad thinking about better test scores we have five Smart Smencils – pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper and scented with peppermint. Science has confirmed it: the scent of peppermint stimulates brain activity and improves concentration. Recent studies showed increased test scores in children who were exposed to the scent of peppermint during testing. Give your brain a boost!

You can order Smencils HERE.

– Kate

Baby’s first finger painting project – Stubby Pencil Studio

October 26th, 2014

Ahhh finger painting, we all remember those great times in preschool and kindergarten when we were kids! Of course many parents are excited to share this time honored experience with their kids.  At that point parents ask the important question – what paints are safe? You know full-well that your kids will get the paint in their mouth, eyes, clothing, and just about everywhere.

Stubby Pencil Studio has the answer for new parents. The very first art material for your baby should be Veggie Finger Paint! This finger paint is perfect for babies and toddlers, it’s made from organic fruits and vegetables. Yes, it’s safe enough to eat – no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no preservatives and vegan, too.

Convenient jars of dry powder pigments allow you to make the paint up as needed. Simply add equal amounts of water and paint powder to a separate container and mix. Paint will thicken and have a gelatinous texture. Set of 4 colors makes over 32 oz. of liquid paint. Colors: Purple/Blue made with REAL blueberries, Red/Pink made with REAL beets, Yellow made with REAL pumpkin and Green made with REAL spinach- how fun is that!

Made in Oregon. Ages: 6 mo+

– Kate

Amazing Highlighter Pencil – Try it once and you’ll be hooked

October 6th, 2014

OK, these are amazing – trust me!

Our eco highlighters are the best quality dry pencil highlighters on the market. They don’t crumble and they last a really, really long time! Eco highlighters have a natural wood finish and a neon color core that marks similar to a standard highlighter, but unlike standard fiber tip highlighters, these dry highlighters are eco friendly and a Stubby Pencil Studio exclusive!

Our highlighters use no plastics, no ink solvents, and no volatile organic compounds. They work great and we love that they don’t bleed through thin pages, leak or ever dry out. There are several colors and package combinations available, but the most common is our set of 5 eco highlighters: including pink, orange, yellow, green and blue – perfect for just about any application. Once you try them, you’ll never go back – no missing caps, no leaking mess, no plastic highlighters in the garbage. Join the many schools, offices and homes that rave about our highlighter pencils and try them today.

See them here on our Pinterest Board

– Mama Kate


The World’s Best Pencil Sharpener – At Stubby Pencil Studio!

October 6th, 2014

It’s true, we sharpen a lot of pencils at Stubby Pencil Studio (and at home with the kids) and believe me – this really is the best pencil sharpener we have EVER used. Every home, office and classroom should have one. It’s quiet and automatically stops once the pencil is sharpened to the perfect point. You have to watch the video HERE

We think this pencil sharpener works better than electric sharpeners and we love the old-school-retro-design. It’s a sturdy sharpener, made of metal and fits standard size pencils. More impressive, it sharpens low quality pencils – which is amazing because they normally break and jam in other sharpeners – and gives new life to poor quality pencils. Mount clamp is included or use it as a portable sharpener.

Available in black, blue, red, green or pink. Click here to order!


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August 11th, 2014

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